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No Tomorrow

[Marco and Ellie just get back from a date and they are making out on his doorstep]


                               Chapter 1

Ellie says, Marco are your parents home? He says, No my mom is taking care of my grandma and my dad has a business trip and won’t be back in two days. Good Ellie says, as Marco unlocks the door and they both go inside making out. Marco pushes Ellie onto the sofa as they unbutton each other’s shirts. She unbuttons his pants as he does hers. Next thing you know is that they are on top of each other humping and kissing. But then his dad walks in the door and turns the lights and says, opps and sorry and goes up stairs. Marco and Ellie both start laughing  hysterically.





                           Chapter 2

       [At school Marco walks over and passionately kisses Ellie]

Hey Babe, Ellie says to Marco as he opens his locker.Paige says, when did you two become a couple. I thought he was gay. Marco says, I stopped being gay last year, then Ellie tells Paige what happened last night and starts to laugh hysterically.

Then Dylan walks over and sees Marco kissing Ellie and asks, Marco what is he doing Marco says he has moved on. Then Dylan runs away. Ellie says,  why you say that?  He says because he knows I don’t want to see him any more ever.



                          Chapter 3


[Ellie’s period is three months late and is looking at a pregnancy test in her room and is shocked because it is positive]


     She starts to cry as she calls up Paige and only gets an answering machine. Then Marco comes over to her house and she tells him she has news. Marco is happy when she tells him. They tell their parents and Marco gets kicked out but moves in to live with Ellie and her mom.

[The next day they go to school but Ellie goes home sick]


    You heard Ellie went home sick, Paige says to Marco.

I know I walked her to the nurse she had really bad morning sickness

Marco, said  What morning sickness? Paige said is she pregnant?  Marco said you didn’t know?  No, I didn’t Paige said But I won’t tell as she walks away.



                             Chapter 4

       [at Ellie’s house  the next day ]


Marco is waiting for her on the doorstep before school. She comes out the door ready to go . They leave for school in his car. They get to school and Marco drops her off at her class. Then he goes to his locker to pick up some books then walks off.[at the end of the day you see Marco and Ellie walking out of school.]


You know I love you right Ellie, Marco says I love you to Marco, Ellie says as she kisses him. They walk away and go home, Ellie tells Marco she is 5 months pregnant now. He says, I know then they walk away holding hands. Then Marco gets down on one knee and proposes to Ellie and she looks shocked and screams, YES!!!!!





Chapter 5

4 months later…………….

(Marco is in the delivery room with Ellie as the baby is taken away)


Ellie starts to cry as the baby leaves the room in an incubator. She asks the doctor what’s the mater with the baby, Why is Kelly yellow orange. He says she only has Jondos. Ellie asks what is that, the doctor replies that it is a small liver disease and the baby will be ok. Then Ellie calms down then asks Marco what should Kelly’s last name should be? He says you decide she says, ok Del Rossi.He says you don’t have to do that she says she wants to.Here’s the baby’s final name Kelly Ellen Nicole Nelson – Del Rossi. And in about two weeks they leave with the baby happily.



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