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Chapter Six - Can't Remember

Spinner arrived only to find Paige standing there with Kelsie’s parents; she looked so upset, so distressed. He prayed that this didn’t mean that one of them had died or something. He walked right up to her; he needed to know what was going on.


Gently putting his hand upon Paige’s shoulder, “What’s wrong?”


Paige jumped a little; she was in her own little world. She looked up slightly to see whom it was, “Spin.” She flung into his arms, and began to cry, “Everything is such a mess.”


“What do you mean?” wanting to know what she meant by that, by sound of her tone

he knew that it couldn’t be good.


“Kelsie can’t remember anything about the last few years,” leaning against his shoulder.


“Oh dear,” looking down at the ground. “How’s her child?”


“They had to deliver her last night, and put her on respirator, but they say she will be off that real soon.”


Spinner began to feel real bad at the mess he had caused. Why did he have open up his big mouth? He had been able to hide his feeling so long, why he had found that he needed to hurt her because he couldn’t handle not being able to get over her. “How’s Craig?”


“Okay, he hasn’t left his daughter’s side most of the night. I’ve never seen him so concerned about anyone like he is with her; he’s already so connected to her.”


“So how long do they think it will be until Kelsie’s memory comes back?” worried what may happen when that occurred.


“They don’t know right now. At this moment this might be the best chance of Craig seeing his little girl though since she can’t remember why she got in the fight in the first place.”


“Yeah but what will he do when she does remember; what it she decides that she won’t allow it anymore?” Spin asked, knowing how much that would hurt his friend.


“Hopefully when she sees him with their daughter she will get over that all,” praying that she was right.


“I hope you’re right,” doubting that would be the reaction.


Changing the subject, wanting to think about something else, “So tell me what finally brought your butt down here?”


“I just woke up and decided that I needed to apologize, I felt so guilty about it. And all I did to try to make it go away didn’t help.”


“That’s good, maybe now you two can start your friendship out on a clean slate,” she smiled.





Chris wheeled Kelsie over to the NICU, to go see her daughter. She was very anxious to see her, even if she didn’t remember being pregnant with her. This little girl was her miracle, the miracle that she had been waiting for.


They went right past Craig and Emma, and didn’t even notice them since they were too wrapped up into their kiss to notice them either. As Kelsie caught a glimpse of her daughter, her heart began to break for her, just like it had so many years ago. She looked so helpless lying there. She wanted to cradle her into her arms and tell her that everything was going to be all right.


“Hey sweetie, I’m your mommy and I’m here now to take care of you,” putting her hand in to touch her face.


Chris placed his hand on her shoulder, “I’m going to let you have time alone with her. I have to go talk to someone; I’ll be back.”


Looking at him, “Alright,” she nodded.


Before leaving, Chris leaned in and gave his girlfriend a kiss on the cheek. He then walked down the hall to find a pay phone to call his mom to give her an update on Kelsie and the baby.





Craig backed away from the kiss, and leaned his forehead against Emma's as he gazed into her eyes. “Let’s not let anything get between us, I don’t want to lose you again; I need you in my life.”


“I agree, because if it wasn’t for you I don’t think that I could have gotten through these last few months.  I know this is going to be a challenge, but I believe that you’re worth it.”


“Same here,” he smiled, but in the back of his mind wondered if he was just fooling himself, wanting to believe that he had finally let Kelsie go in his heart. “What am I going to do without you with me in Victoria?”


She hated thinking about that he was going to be gone by July. Taking a deep breath, “Let’s not think about that.”


“You’re right we shouldn’t be thinking about the now.”


Emma was then reminded of his daughter, “Maybe you should get back to your daughter; she needs a parent there.”


“I just hate to leave you here,” looking at her with pleading eyes.


“I’ll be fine!” she tried to assure him, then she thought of something, “Why don’t I go get your camera, and you can take a few picture’s of her.”


Lighting up, “That’s a great idea.” It would be great to have picture of his daughter to have once she was gone, back home on the other side of the country.


Getting real excited, “You just need to tell me where you keep it.”


Thinking where the last place he placed it, “It’s on my desk, in its case.”


“Alright, I guess I’ll be back in an hour or so,” walking backwards.


“I love you,” he mouthed out to her.


“I love you too,” she couldn’t resist; she walked back and gave him a kiss on the lips. “Bye.”






“Mom, she’ll be fine. I know once we get out of here it will only be a matter of time before she remembers,” Chris assured his mother.


“I hope you’re right. But maybe this can be good that she doesn’t remember Craig, and then maybe you won’t have to put up with him in your lives.” Not liking anything, she had heard about the guy, to her, he was trouble.


Astonished by her suggestion, “Mom!!! He has every right to be part of his daughter’s life; I know I wouldn’t want someone to take that away from me.”


“Okay…I won’t bring it up again.”


“I know that Kelsie will have a lot on her plate when she gets back, I was wondering if you could come and stay with us for a week or two until she's able to handle these things. Otherwise I know she won’t rest too much.”


“I would love to! Any excuse to spend time with my little granddaughter is fine with me.”


“Thanks, I’ll phone you when I find out when we’ll be able to head back to Victoria. I really appreciate this.”


“Your welcome, I guess I’ll talk to you later, bye.”

“Bye,” hanging up the phone.






Craig strolled back into the room; he stopped when he saw someone there with his daughter. He was ready to say something when he realized who it was. Had she really awoken, he felt a sign of relief flow through his body.


He walked up behind her, placing his hand on her shoulder, “She sure is beautiful isn’t she?”


Kelsie was startled by his touch, jumping a little. She looked to see who it was, “Can I help you?”


“You don’t need to do this, I know you’re upset, but I’m truly sorry,” a little frustrated that she was going to act like this towards him when they needed to pull together as parents.


“What are you talking about, I don’t even know you,” looking at him as if he was stupid. Who was this guy, he must have me mistaken for someone else, she thought.


Those words were like a knife stabbed through the back. Was he going to have to fight to see his child? “Fine be this way!” He walked right for the door, not watching where he was going he knocked right into someone.


When Chris saw who it was, he all of sudden remembered that he hadn’t told Craig about Kelsie’s condition.


 “I thought that you were going to talk to Kelsie about me seeing my daughter, I thought you were on my side, but I guess I was wrong,” giving him an evil look. He began to walk away.


“Craig, I haven’t had a chance…”


“Yeah right,” he sneered.


“Would you just let me finish,” he yelled, getting a little frustrated that he didn’t believe him.


“Fine!” turning around.


“Kelsie woke up earlier with no recollection of her life these past few years, which means she doesn’t remember you.”


“What?” confused by it all.


“Yeah, she didn’t recall being pregnant, I had to tell her that she just had a little girl.”


“Does she even know you’re not the father?”


“Yeah, I’ve told her. I just haven’t told her the whole story behind it.”


“Oh man, no wonder she was acting so weird to me when I went in there,” now feeling bad that he had snapped at her.


“Why don’t I introduce you to her, then maybe we can get to naming this little one.”


Shaking his head, “Yeah, that sounds good!”


They both walked into the room, “Hey Hun, I’m back,” Chris called out.


Kelsie turned around to see the same guy that was in here before back, “Hey.” Looking at Craig, “What are you doing back?”


“Kels, this is Craig Manning, your daughter’s father.”


Even when Chris said that, still nothing came to mind. This was really starting to annoy her knowing she couldn’t remember whom she had her daughter with. “Hi, sorry about earlier, I didn’t know,” looking sympathetic.


“That’s okay, I understand.” Sitting down beside her, “Now I think this little one needs a name.”


“Yeah, I agree. We can’t keep calling her daughter,” she laughed, as she glanced over at him.


“Do you have anything in mind?”


“No, maybe you could tell me a little about you, it may help when it comes to decide what to name her.”


“Well I live with my sister’s dad because of some things that happened with my dad before he left. I like to play my guitar, and take pictures. I’m in a band; you actually were in it too before you left.”


“I was…why would I do that, I never let anyone see me sing except Chris.”


“Well you did, and you were great,” he explained. He thought it was weird telling someone you once loved about things that had happened while she was here.


Wondering why he hadn’t mentioned him mom, “So what happened to your mom?”


“She died when I was young,” he said looking at the ground.


“I’m sorry,” she tried her best fake smile. Now she knew the best way to honor his mom. “What was her name?”


“Julia,” he smiled.


“I’ve got it, how about Ava Julia Manning.”


“I love it, thanks for doing this,” taking it to heart that his daughter would have a part of his mom with her always, even if it was just a name.


“Of course, I think Ava should have something to remember her grandmother,” believing this was the best way to go about. She knew that she didn’t remember Craig, or the type of life they had once shared, but she also knew no matter what their daughter should have something to connect her to his family. Cause after they left here there wasn’t much of a chance that she would really see him.

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