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I'm Not Okay

<Chapter 1>

(At School, Craig comes in late)

SPINNER:, why the delay?

CRAIG: I overslept. That’s it.

SPINNER: Okay. So I’m sorry...About Ashley.

(Craig nods)

CRAIG: It’s okay. I’m fine. I hate her anyway.

(Spinner looks confused)

SPINNER: Are you feeling okay?

CRAIG: Now that she's gone...I’ve never been better.




<Chapter 2>

(In The Cafeteria, Ellie sits down)

MARCO: So...Glad to have you in the band.

ELLIE: I know. It’s gonna be great.

CRAIG: You're a much better addition than Ashley.

MARCO: Another Ash reference?

ELLIE: Sounds like you miss her.

CRAIG: What are you talking about?I never want to see her face again.

(He gets up and walks away)

ELLIE: Craig...!




<Chapter 3>

(In The Washroom, Hazel is washing her hands)

HAZEL: I’m taking Jimmy out to eat this Saturday. Where do you think we should go?

PAIGE:Um, Nowhere! We’re supposed to have a spirit squad meeting!

(Hazel sighs)

HAZEL: I cant make it.

PAIGE: You have to be there Hazel. You can’t miss the first meeting.


PAIGE: What?

HAZEL:I said no Paige. My boyfriend needs me.

PAIGE: I, your best friend is the only one that needs you! You're the best, well, second best on the squad!

(Hazel shakes her head)


PAIGE: What are you saying?!

HAZEL: If you cant deal with me missing one meeting, then I quit.


HAZEL: While were on the subject, leave me the hell alone.

(She leaves the washroom and slams the door)




<Chapter 4>

(In the Hall, Hazel is getting her books from her locker)

(Darcy walks up)

DARCY: Did you hear Paige-

HAZEL: What about her?

DARCY: She wants us to meet...Saturday.

HAZEL: Yeah well that’s for the spirit squad.

DARCY: Your point?

HAZEL: My point is I’m not on the squad, therefore I’m not meeting.

DARCY: What?!

HAZEL: That’s right. I need a new life. One without Paige and her bitchiness.

(Hazel starts to walk away)

DARCY: Hazel you cant just quit.

HAZEL: Cry me a river.




<Chapter 5>

(Craig is in his garage writing a song)

CRAIG: Don’t know why we can’t just turn the pages back to the start

(Ellie walks in)

(She sits down and drums for a second)

ELLIE: Do you love me do you really love me?

CRAIG: Yeah...It’s great.

ELLIE: What’s wrong?

CRAIG: Nothing..just in a emotional stage for a song.

ELLIE: Really? Will you sing it?

(Craig hesitates then nods)

(He picks up his guitar)

CRAIG:I know that you're mine now. I know there’s nothing left to cry about, but I just can’t imagine waking up every morning to a different day. You are a part of me that’s new in every way. I just want to know why we can’t just turn back the pages to the start of the book that is our forever existence. But you’re not here and I cant go the distance. But let my words travel to you....

(He sits his guitar down)

CRAIG: That’s all I have now.

(Ellie walks over to him and kisses him)

CRAIG: Ellie!

ELLIE: I..thought..

(She starts to cry and runs out of the garage)




<Chapter 6>

(At school the next day)

MARCO: I’m sure he likes you...I just don’t think he's gotten over Ashley.


MARCO: He's trying to avoid it.

(Ellie sighs)

ELLIE: So how long do you think this will last?

MARCO: As long as it takes..for him to be satisfied.




<Chapter 7>

(The class is reading from their history books)

TOBY: After the Middle Ages ended, and before the Renaissance, the world-

(The bell rings)

(The class packs their things and leaves class)
JT: What’s the reason anyway to have a quiz everyday?

LIBERTY: To insure you’re paying attention...everyday.

EMMA: Yeah well at least we don’t have a math quiz everyday think I’d be still in Jr. High.

(They laugh)

(Manny runs up)

MANNY: Emma!I have to-

(She bumps into hazel and Hazel spills a drink on herself


MANNY: god Hazel I’m sorry.

(Hazel pours the rest out on Manny)

(Emma gasps and Manny pushes Hazel)

(Mrs.H runs up)

MRS.H: Girls is there a problem?

HAZEL: Yes, Paris Hilton here nearly knocked me down running through the hall.
MRS H: I’m sure she didn’t mean to. Did you Manny?

(She looks at her and Manny shakes her head)

MRS H: Well everyone get back to class.

(She walks away)




<Chapter 8>

(The next day Manny walks in the gym to the spirit squad meeting)

PAIGE: What are you doing here? You’re fired remember.

MANNY: It’s about Hazel.

(Paige gets up and steps out of the gym with Hazel)

PAIGE: You have 2 minutes.

MANNY: Is something wrong with her?

PAIGE: What are you talking about?

MANNY: She’s been acting strangely.

PAIGE: She quit the squad.

MANNY: Well?

PAIGE: It’s none of your business, is it?

MANNY: I’m just concerned.

(Paige nods)

PAIGE: Her parents are getting divorced. She’s in the "I hate the world" state of mind.


PAIGE: It'll blow over...In a few months.




<Chapter 9>

(Ellie knocks on Craig’s door)

JOEY: Hey. Craig is in the garage.

ELLIE: Thanks.

(She walks over to the garage and walks in, but Craig is not there)

ELLIE: Craig?

(She glances at the computer and sees an airline ticket website)

ELLIE: Oh no.

(She pulls out her cell phone and dials a number)

ELLIE: Hey!I need you to pick me up fast.

(She runs out of the garage)




<Chapter 10>

(Ellie steps out of a car at the airport)

ELLIE: Thanks for the ride.

ALEX: No problem. But next time you need a saviour you’re paying gas money.

(Ellie runs in the airport and spots Craig)


CRAIG: Ellie. What are you doing here?

ELLIE: You cant go to England!

(Craig sighs)

CRAIG: Ash...I miss her so much!

ELLIE:I know you do .So do I, but you can’t go! I won’t let you.

CRAIG: She was my everything.

(Ellie sighs)

ELLIE: Look, I tried to help you, but If you can’t see what’s in front of your face then go.

(She starts to walk away)

CRAIG: Ellie wait!

(He runs up to her)

CRAIG: Are you saying...Do you like me?

ELLIE: Yes,Craig!I like you. But...Ashley-

CRAIG: Is history.

(Ellie smiles)



(They smile and hug each other)


-The End-

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