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Chapter Seven

The Injured: 12:36 PM


They knocked me out with some sort of drug on the way to the hospital, so I was only half-consious for the entire ambulence ride. Even the awake part of me wasn’t really thinking clearly. I do remember repeating one phrase over and over in my head, though – please make sure no one else is hurt. Please make sure I’m the only one. Please, please.

Abby Benson, 10th


No one even told me Abby was hurt. My fucking girlfriend, and no one even bothers! I found out from JT, as he was frantically trying to get a ride out of Degrassi so he could go see her. Of course, I went with him. JT hadn’t really said where the injuries were, so I was imagining the worst. Was she paralyzed? Brain damaged? Comatose? Would she even recognize me when I walked in the room?

Sean Cameron, 10th


I was just praying that Abby was okay. Over and over again. It was all I could think about.

JT Yorke, 10th


Mrs. Suave was the one to tell me Jimmy had been hurt. She was really cool about it, even got me and Paige a taxi to the hospital after the lockdown ended. When we showed up, Jimmy was still in bad condition. No one was sure if he was going to live or die. Not even me.

Hazel Aden, 11th


I felt like crap after we got let out. I didn’t know the specifics – no one did – but what I did know was that Jimmy had been shot and I was the one to blame. I was in a bad place – completely wigged out. I even tried to go visit Jimmy. But when I got there, the first thing I saw was Paige and Hazel, sobbing and watching Jimmy. That’s when I realized – I didn’t belong there. I wasn’t his friend. I didn’t deserve to know if he was okay. Not after what I had done.

Spinner Mason, 11th


I woke up directly after my operation, which, as far as I knew, had been a relatively easy one. I really wasn’t even that hurt – the only repercussions I suffered were a broken arm and a killer headache. Flowers were being brought in by the truckload, from people I didn’t even know. A couple reporters tried to sneak in, so they could get a good story on what had happened. They didn’t make it past security, though. The only people they actually let in were my family – but JT, Sean, and a couple others pretened to be siblings and cousins in order to see me. I wasn’t very good company at that point, not really. I was still completely out of it. What with the drugs, and what had just happened – I was still in a bit of shock.

Abby Benson, 10th


While Hazel and I were in the waiting room, time stood still. Minutes seeped into each other in a never-ending blur of anxiety and awfulness. After the initial shock wore off, I was filled with the most rage that, to this day, I have ever known. I could not believe what Rick had done. How could he have been so selfish? Sure, his life sucked. But why did he have to take it out on Jimmy? What had Jimmy ever done to him?

Paige Michaelchuck, 11th


Jimmy remained in a drug-induced coma for the next three days. It was agony, let me tell you. I mean, you know it’s bad when the doctors start avoiding you. Paige spent our hours waiting ranting – spewing on and on about how horrible and crazy Rick was; how she’d never forgive him. I wasn’t even thinking about stuff like that, though. I didn’t care who had done it, or why. We couldn’t change what had happened. All I cared about that Jimmy make it out okay.

Hazel Aden, 11th


I was lucky. I got out a week later, with just a nasty scar on my upper arm. Not that big a deal, really – even though people make it out to be. I mean, a kid is dead – and another will never walk again. So really, my injury doesn’t seem all that bad, does it?

Abby Benson, 10th

I got out… Oh, I don’t know. Four months later? Maybe more. Maybe less. You stop keeping track of time in there. It gets too depressing. It wasn’t too bad, I guess. Well, except for the fact that I couldn’t walk. That pretty much sucked ass.

Jimmy Brooks, 11th


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