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Chapter Ten

Ellie was standing in the middle of Ava’s floor.  Clothes were everywhere.  “I can’t wear this,” Ellie complained.


“What’s wrong with that outfit?”  Ava asked, getting irritated with Ellie.  “That is like the tenth thing you have tried on.  You’re starting to give me a complex about how I dress.  It’s not like those clothes are all goofy looking.  I made sure my clothes were cute even when I was big as house.”


“Nothing is wrong with it.  We just don’t have the same style you know.  And it makes me look pregnant.”


“Newsflash Ellie you are pregnant.” 


“I just don’t want to broadcast it to everyone okay.  If I wear this they’ll know for sure,”  Ellie said staring at her reflection.  “I don’t normally care what people think about me but I don’t know this is just so huge.  I just don’t want to listen to the whispers and answer a bunch of questions people shouldn’t be asking,”  Ellie said with a sigh.


Ava looked up from giving Seth his bottle.  She began to pat his back trying to coax a burp from him.  She’s miserable, Ava thought to herself when she saw the look on Ellie’s face. 


“Ellie here wear these jeans.  And the shirt you had on this morning and just keep your jacket on.  But you are going to have to tell people.  This is only going to get bigger!”  Ava said as she patted Ellie’s growing bump.


“Fine lets go I’m going to tell Marco first.  No wait I should just tell Paige then she can tell everyone else,”  Ellie said as she rolled her eyes.


“Ellie it’s going to be okay.  Just tell your closest friends and everyone else can figure it out for themselves.”


“That shouldn’t take long,”  Ellie said this time she patted her bump.




As they reached the front steps of Degrassi Ellie stopped.  “Ava I really don’t want to go in there.” 


“Ellie we only have 3 classes left it’ll be okay.  Come on,”  Ava said pulling Ellie into the building.


When they got inside everyone was running around trying to get ready for the next class. 


“Hey you two.  Where have you been all day?  Ellie are you okay?   I tried to call you like a billion times last night.  Why didn’t you call me back?”  Marco asked.


“I’ve got to go get my notes for Biology I’ll see guys later,”  Ava said with a smile and walked away leaving Ellie alone. 


“I had a lot going on yesterday,” Ellie answered Marco but didn’t look at him.


“I know,” Marco interrupted.  “Paige was pissed for the rest of the day.  It was so funny.   But I think she’ll get over it,”  Marco said.  He could see that Ellie was upset about something.  They may not be as close as they used to be but she was still his best friend and he hated knowing something was wrong with her. 


“Marco I’m pregnant,” Ellie blurted it out like it was nothing.  She could have been saying, Marco call me, it rolled off her tongue so easily.  Ellie was surprised by how easy it was.  It was like those three words made the fear disappear.  She had said it.  She hadn’t said it out loud at all before.  Even with Ava she had just agreed, she never said the words.  But saying was different.  She was beginning to feel like her old self again.  Let them talk, she didn’t care.

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