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Chapter Eleven

Marco just stared as Ellie walked away with his mouth gapping.  “Ellie wait, Ellie,” he finally recovered


Ellie slowed so he could catch up.  “Yeah?”


“El…Wow um I’m just not real sure what to say.  Uh you’re pregnant.  Are you positive?”  He finally got out.


“Yeah I went to the doctor this morning.”


“Well what did he say?”  Marco asked worried.


“He said that I should be having a baby in late March,”  Ellie said with a smile.  He is taking this well.  She thought.


“No wait back up HAVING?  You’re not going to have this baby El?  Don’t be stupid think of your future,”  Marco pleaded with her.


“Marco, I’m not only going to have my baby but I’m going to keep it too.  So deal.  You don’t have to like it but it’s my decision and I don’t need you questioning me.”  With that she walked to class.




After her last class Ellie was waiting by her locker for Ava.  She had to get her old, too small pants from Ava’s house so Ava said she would give her another ride.

Ava was late because she had to talk to Mr. Armstrong about a make-up test. 


Marco saw Ellie and walked over.  “Can we talk?”  He asked.


“I think I have talked to you enough for one day,” She said without even looking at him.


“Come on El.  I’m sorry okay.  You’re right it’s none of my business what you do,” Marco apologized.


“Did you not just hear me say I don’t want to talk to you?  Bye Marco,”  Ellie said and started to walk home.




Ava’s cell phone rang just as she was walking out of Mr. Armstrong’s class.  “Hello,” she answered.


“Hey it’s me.”


“Hey!  I haven’t seen you all afternoon El.  So how did it go with Marco?”  Ava asked, hoping for Ellie’s sake it went well.


“It sucked hard.  I can’t believe I actually thought my BEST FRIEND would actually be happy for me.” 


“Oh Ellie.  What did he say exactly?”  Ava asked disgusted.


“Well let’s see.  He said I was stupid to have and keep my baby.  Then he implied I’m not going to have a future.  Isn’t that just lovely?”  Ellie asked sarcastically.


“Ugh what a dick.  I’m so hating him at the moment.  Where are you anyway?  I thought we were going to meet at your locker but you’re nowhere in sight.”


“Marco happened!”  Ellie yelled.


“What do you mean?  What did he do?”  Ava asked.  Now she was getting really pissed.


“He didn’t do anything.  He just came up wanting to talk.  He tried to apologize but I didn’t want to hear it so I started waking home.” 


“God El I’m so sorry he was an ass.  I’m leaving school now I’ll call you later kay?” 


“Alright, talk to you later.” 





As Ava stared to her car she saw Marco talking to Jimmy in front of the school.  “Can I talk to you?”  Ava asked. Not waiting for a reply she pulled him away from Jimmy.  “What the fuck is your deal?”  Ava yelled at him.


“Ava calm down.  What are you talking about?”  Marco asked surprised.


“Please!  What you don’t recall crushing Ellie feelings?”  Ava spat.


“I tried to apologize okay.  I can’t help it if I think she is screwing up her life.”  Now Marco was yelling.


“You make me sick.  You can’t even begin to imagine what she is dealing with right now.  You should try to help her not belittle her.  I would hate knowin that someone I call my best friend would treat me like shit when I was in trouble.”  Ava left Marco standing alone.  Jimmy rolled up beside him.


“Damn!  What was that?”  Jimmy asked with a chuckle.  “She just went off on you man.”


“No kidding Jim thanks for clearing that up for me.  I gotta go I need to talk to Ellie.” 


“Hey wait aren’t you going to tell me what Ava was screaming at you for?”  Jimmy asked.


“Um no I’m not.  Bye Jimmy.”





As Marco waked away Hazel walked up.  “Hey baby,” she said and gave Jimmy a kiss.


“Hey sweet thang,” He returned.  “You just missed Ava bitch Marco out.  It was so funny,”  Jimmy said with a laugh.


“What?  Why?”  Hazel’s interest was peaked.  She thought Ava and Marco got along well.


“I don’t know he wouldn’t say.” 


“Well I’m sure we’ll find out sooner or later,”  Hazel said with a shrug.  I’ll have to tell Paige about this she find out what’s going on,  Hazel thought to herself.

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