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Chapter Twelve

An hour after Ellie got home she had just sat down at the kitchen table with a snack when her mother walked in.


“Hey Ellie,” she said.  “Oh you’re eating I was going to make dinner for us.”


“I’m just having a snack Mom,” Ellie replied void of any emotion.


“That’s some snack,” Mrs. Nash said looking at the huge sandwich and heap of grapes on Ellie’s plate.  “You may not want dinner.”


“Mom I’ll eat dinner okay.  I’ve just been really hungry today,” Ellie answered with a chill in her voice.


“Okay Ellie.  I just want you to eat right.  We have to take care of ourselves for Daddy.”


“Please!  I have been taking care of myself.  Just because you’re not drinking RIGHT NOW doesn’t mean you can just go back to being my mother,” Ellie spat.


“I’ll get it!”  Her mother said trying to escape her daughter’s venom. She knew Ellie was right.  But she had to try.  Ellie needed to know she loved her.  I’ll just have to be patient Mrs. Nash thought as she opened the door.


“Hi Marco,” Mrs. Nash said with a smile.


“Hi,” Marco returned but nowhere near friendly.  “Can I talk to Ellie?”


“Of course.  Please come in.  Can I get you something to drink?”  She asked trying to make a good impression on Marco.  Maybe he can help me get Ellie back she thought.


“No thanks.  Is El in her room?”  Marco asked trying to get away from the woman.  Just looking at her made him sick to his stomach. 


“No.  She’s in the kitchen.  Go on back.”




“Hey El,” Marco said from the doorway.


Ellie let out a big sigh and said “Marco what are you doing here?  It’s not like I’ve been hinting about it.  I said CLEARLY I don’t want to talk to you.”


“Ellie, just give me a few minutes.  Please,” he pleaded with his friend.


“Fine Marco let’s hear it.  I really can’t wait for this.”


“Ellie, I’m sorry.  Here,” he said as he reached into his messenger bag and pulled out a book and handed it to Ellie.


Ellie took the book form Marco.  It had an obviously pregnant woman sitting in a rocking chair on the cover.  “What to expect when you expecting?”  Ellie asked finally looking at him. 


“Yeah,” Marco said with a nervous half smile.  “Ellie, what I said to you today was so not cool!”


“Not cool!”  That’s an understatement.  Marco, I expect that shit form Paige or Hazel but not you.”


“I know El.  What I said to you…this is hard for me to say.  I was being selfish.  I thought we were going to University together.  Four years of fun you and me.  If you go through with this it means our plans are gone.  And this morning I was trying to save that.  But now I know that I was awful to you.  Listen El I’m here for you.  Whatever you need.  If you’re sure about doing this I’ll be right beside you.” 


“What’s this Ellie Nash crying?’  He teased


“It’s these stupid hormones. There making me all emotional and crazy.  Well crazy in a whole new way,” she teased feeling better.




“Hey Ellie you finished with your snack?” Mrs. Nash asked as she walked into the kitchen after changing out of her work clothes.


“Um yeah, Mom,”  Ellie answered looking away wiping her tears away.


While picking up Ellie’s empty plate Mrs. Nash saw the gift from Marco.  She dropped the plate and picked up the book.


“Ellie?”  She said softly.


“Oh god no.  This isn’t happening,”  Ellie muttered under her breath.


“No it’s mine Mrs. Nash.” 




“Marco no.  Yes Mom it’s mine.  I’m 4 months pregnant.  I’m going to have this baby and I’m going to keep it,”  Ellie said bravely.


“Oh Ellie, this is all my fault,” Mrs. Nash cried.


“No Mom it’s not.” 


“If I hadn’t drunk you would have been home where I could have watched you.  I’m so sorry Ellie.  I should have been taking care of you.  Can you ever for give me?  What am I going to tell Daddy?”


“MOM,” Ellie yelled trying to stop her mothers rambling.


“There is nothing to forgive you for and I’m going to tell Daddy myself.  Mom, do you really think I couldn’t have had sex with you home, even if you were sober.  This is my mistake and I’ll take responsibility for it,” Ellie said firmly.


“Marco we’re having chicken and rice for diner would you like to stay?”  Mrs. Nash asked trying not to think about what she had just heard.


“Uh I…” Marco stuttered looking to Ellie.  She nodded her head.  “Sure sounds great he finished. 


This night has not been what I expected.  Ellie thought to herself a little relieved.  She didn’t have to worry anymore about telling her mom and she and Marco seemed okay again.  I’ve still got to break my father’s heart though.  And the weight that had lifted was now even heavier.

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