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Chapter Seventeen

It has been two months since Ellie told everyone about the baby.  It is now December!


Ellie sat in the doctor’s office waiting for her name to be called.  Today was a big day for her.  Today she would know if the baby she had been carrying for almost 6 months was a boy or a girl.  Ellie was really hoping for a girl.  That way if she never told Sean he was a father at least she wouldn’t be keeping a son from him.  You know men are really weird about sons and carrying on their name and all.  She was at this appointment alone.  She didn’t tell Marco or Ava about it because she knew one if not both of them would have wanted to come with.  Ellie wanted to do this alone; her parents didn’t even know about this appointment.


“Eleanor Nash.” She finally heard her name called.


Ellie followed the nurse back.  They checked her weight and other stats.  Then Ellie followed the nurse to an examination room where she was told to strip down to her under garments, don a paper gown and wait for the doctor. 


As she sat on the paper coved table, which crinkled with her every move, in her paper gown Ellie thought about all the things that had happened in the past two months.  Her dad was home for good.  He took the news of becoming a granddad rather well.  He wanted to know where the ‘boy who got her into this’ was.  Like she had nothing to do with it. 


Ellie had stood her ground with her father, Paige and even Marco.  She didn’t tell anyone.  ‘I don’t want to talk about it right now’ was her new line.   So far they were all respecting her but she wasn’t stupid; she knew it wouldn’t last much longer.  Soon she would have to tell them.  It didn’t kill me to tell them about the baby I’ll live through this too.  Most people think its Sean’s anyway its not like it will be a huge shock, she thought to herself.


Sean…she still missed him.  Sometimes so much she felt sick other times she would go the whole day and not even think of him.  Then it would happen.  She would feel a tiny foot or elbow give her a nudge and then he would be back.  It was as if the life inside of her wouldn’t allow her to forget its father.  This baby was like a piece of him he left behind for her.  It was only right he left a piece of himself; he definitely took piece of her with him.


“Ellie, hey there.  How are we today?” Dr. Stevens asked with a warm smile.


Ellie knew why Ava liked him.  He was like a sweet grandfather.  He reminded her of Mr. Rogers.  Dr. Stevens had always been kind and understanding.  He never questioned her about the baby’s father and he never seemed to look down on her because of the position she was in.


“Hey Dr. Stevens.  I’m doing well,” Ellie answered, returning his smile.


“Are we ready to see what we have in there?”  He asked patting her belly


“Yes,” she answered excitedly.


“Well let me measure you and get the baby’s heart rate then you can move into the ultrasound room.”


“Okay,” Ellie agreed.


After all the necessities were done Ellie was laying on another table with cold gel spread across her abdomen looking at the beating heart of her baby.  Tears rolled into her hair.  It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.


“Okay let’s see what we have here,” the nurse said.  “Okay come on move that little leg baby.  There we go.  Okay Ellie see that right there,” she said pointing at the screen.


Ellie’s voice failed her.  She simply nodded her head.


“That my dear is most definitely male parts.  You’re going to have a boy!” She said smiling.


“He’s beautiful.” Was all Ellie could manage to say.

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