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Chapter Eighteen

On the bus ride home Ellie called Ava.


“Hey Ava.”


“El, where did you go?  You ran once last bell rang.”


“I had a doctor appointment,” She answered.


“Why didn’t you say so?  I could have driven you.”


“It’s okay I kinda wanted to go alone this time.  Hey do you think you might be up for a road trip Saturday?”


“I guess where are we going?”


Wasaga Beach,” Ellie answered.


“Isn’t it a little cold for a trip to the beach?”


“I’m not going to see the beach.  I’m going to see Sean.” And tell him he’s going to have a son, she added to herself.


“Sean?  Why?  You told Paige it wasn’t him,” Ava said confused.


“I lied,” Ellie said.


“I see.  So do you think he’ll be okay with a baby?”


“I don’t know.  But I have to tell him right?  What he does with the information after that is his problem.”


“I’m glad you feel that way.  You just can’t guess what kind of reaction you will get to that kind of news.”


“Speaking from personal experience I assume.” 


“Of course.  Nothing about my pregnancy was ever easy.  Hey I gotta go Seth just woke up.”


 “Ava wait!  I don’t want to tell anyone about Sean yet.  I want him to hear it from me first okay.”


“Of course El.  You have been keeping my secret I’ll do the same for you.”


“Okay thanks.  See you tomorrow.”





The next day passed quickly for Ellie.  It seems that time always speeds by when you’re dreading something.


Ava was sitting with Ellie at lunch discussing tomorrow’s trip when the others began to trickle in. 


First it was Paige and Craig.  No one could believe these two were still together.  Most of Craig’s friends were just glad he seemed to have Ashley and Manny out of his system. And everyone was glad to see Paige with someone that wasn’t a teacher.  They really did seem to be happy together.


Next came Marco and Manny, of all people.  This was an odd friendship and not expected.  No one was sure when these two got so close.  But they did have fun together.  Shopping and movies.  They helped each other forget about their problems.


“Where are Hazel and Jimmy?”  Marco asked.


“They left.  Hazel said Jimmy had a surprise planned for her this weekend.  I think they are on a little trip.  All I know is if Hazel’s mom calls I have to cover for her,” Paige said with a shrug. 


“Very  romantic,” Manny said with a sigh.


Ellie rolled her eyes and turned to Paige and Craig.  “What do you two have planned for this weekend?”


“Just hanging out,” Paige answered.


“Paige!  Come on now we’re not just hanging out.  We are going to see Jake’s band.  They are playing downtown tonight and I told him I’d check them out.  That way when we play at Whirlwind next weekend he can come see us and maybe bring out some other people.”


“Hold up.  First who is Jake?” Marco asked.


“He’s that dude to works at that music store on 32nd.”


“Well that clears it right up,” Marco replied sarcastically.  “Now second, you got us a gig when we haven’t practiced in like 3 weeks.  Are you crazy?”  Marco ranted.


“Marco, don’t freak.  We can do it.  We’ll just have to practice everyday next week,” Craig said like it made perfect sense. 


“Craig I’m not so sure about this,” Ellie finally spoke up.


“Come on El not you too,” Craig whined.


“Don’t you think a bunch of people partying a some club might be a little weirded by big pregnant girl on drums?”  Ellie asked rolling her eyes.


“No.  I think it will be cool.  Its not like you’re the only girl that’s ever gotten pregnant Ellie.”


“Yeah but I don’t recall seeing too many displaying it on stage.” 


“Ellie, hun, you aren’t even big yet.  And it’s not like you’ll be standing in front of everyone.  You’re a drummer hun you sit,”  Paige said trying to help Craig.


“Fine but this will probably be my last show with you guys.”


“You’re going to quit?”  Now it was Marco doing the whining.


“Well I am going to have a baby in 3 months.”


“Ellie that doesn’t mean you have to quit something you love,” Ava assured her.


“Hey in case you forgot we had the worst time trying to find a drummer when you came along.  Don’t make us go through that again. Please!”  Craig pleaded.


“I’ll just have to wait and see.”  Was all Ellie would say.


“Hey Manny.,  Liberty said ending the band talk.


“Uh hey Liberty.  How are you?”


“Um I’m okay.  Listen, she began as she sat down next to Manny, I have a favor to ask you.  But if you don’t want to do it I’ll understand,” she finished quickly.


“What is it?” Manny asked curious.


“It’s only 3 weeks till baby time.  JT and I are not on speaking terms and Emma is in her own world right now.  I wouldn’t ask this of you.  But you see, you and Toby are the only friends I have left and I would rather die than have Toby watch me give birth,” she said with a shudder.


“You want me to stay with you?”


“Yes I just don’t want to do this alone.”


“What about your parents?”  Manny asked.


“No,” was the only answer she got back.


Manny knew Liberty well enough to know it took a lot for her to ask someone for help.  She just couldn’t let her down.


“Sure.  What will I have to do?”


“Really?  Great.  I’m not exactly sure. I suppose time contractions and cheer me on,”  Liberty said with a half smile.


“Okay I guess I can do that.”


“Can you give me all the numbers where I can reach you?  So when its time I can find you quickly.”


“Yeah,” Manny answered and began to write the numbers down for her.


“Thank you,” Liberty said before she walked away.


“Manny are you sure you can handle this?”  Marco asked once Liberty was gone.


“Yeah,” she answered looking at Craig who broke the stare to look at Paige.  “I gotta go,” Manny said and walked out.


“Why is it every time we eat lunch someone has to run out?”  Paige asked trying to break the silence.


Then the bell rang breaking the very awkward moment.  Everyone went to class, each with different question to plague them for the rest of the day.


Paige- What was that look between Manny and Craig?  Could there be something going on?


Craig- I can’t believe Liberty would ask Manny to do that.  Doesn’t she know how much it will hurt her?


Marco- Is Ellie going to expect me to watch her give birth?  Gross, I so hope not.  I don’t think I want to see that.


Ellie- Poor Liberty.  I wonder why she and JT aren’t talking.  Please let Sean talk to me when this it all over.


Ava- Where the hell is Wasaga Beach?  Ellie never did say exactly.  This Sean guy better be worth a trip.

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