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Chapter Nineteen

Ellie woke the next morning at 5:20.  Ava wasn’t going to be there for 2 and a half hours but she just couldn’t get back to sleep.  She had been awake at 2:15 this morning; her body was just wound to tight for sleep.  She had played several scenes with Sean through her head, each with a different reaction from Sean.  She just couldn’t help but hope for the ‘A baby!  Let’s get married and live happily ever after’ scenario.  Yeah right like that is going to happen.  It will probably be the ‘A baby!  Who’s is it cuz it sure as hell isn’t mine,’ her least favorite scene. 


Ellie decide that she had tortured herself enough and went to shower.  She let the water pour over her until it turned cold and she began to shiver.  She stepped out of the tub and wrapped a towel around her body and added another to her hair.  I hope mom or dad don’t get up anytime soon and want a shower.  She thought as she walked back into her room to search out something to wear.  She had just opened the closet door when the phone rang.  She picked it up on the first ring hoping not to wake her parents.




“Hey!  You up?”  Ava asked.


“I’ve been up since 5:30 freaking out!”  Ellie answered.


“Why girl?”


“Just worrying about it all.  I mean I haven’t seen Sean in 6 months.  He hasn’t called, wrote or tried to get in touch with me in any way.  I’m just afraid he is not going to be happy to see me.  He obviously doesn’t want anything to do with me.  I just don’t want him to feel trapped.”


“El you’re not trying to trap him, if you were you would have told him as soon as you knew.  You’re just letting him know that there is going to be a person in this world he helped create.”


“I know Ava, I just can’t help but spaz.”


“I know love.  You would be crazy if you didn’t,”  Ava said with a sigh.  “Well we’re both up.  You want to leave earlier?”


“I’m not ready yet.” 


“What the crap have you been doing?  You’ve been up almost 2 hours.”


“I know.  I just can’t find anything to wear.  I don’t want to look like a fat cow the first time Sean sees me in months.”


“El you are hardly even showing, I don’t know how the way you eat, but you look great.  Don’t fret over it girl.”


“I don’t eat that much.  I haven’t even eaten yet this morning.”


“El I’m teasing.  Get dressssed!  I’m on my way.”


Ellie hung up and went back to her search.


20 minutes later Ellie was putting the finishing touch on her makeup.  She had finally settled on a pair of jeans and a white tank top with a charcoal hooded sweater over it.  After checking her profile 50 times she decided if she zipped the sweater you couldn’t really see her bump.  It wasn’t really what Sean was use to seeing her wear but she didn’t want him to notice her growing belly before she could tell him why it was that way. 


Her cell rang as she was tying her boots. 


“I’ll be right down I just gotta leave a note for my parents,”  Ellie said as she reached the bottom step.


“Kay,” Ava replied.


“Where are you off to so early pumpkin?”  Ellie’s dad asked.


“Daddy!  You scared me.  I just have to do something.  I’ll be gone most of the day but tonight when I get home I want to talk to you about ‘the boy’.”


“Alright, if you’re ready,” he said a little surprised.  She had not been willing to talk about this for so long he was beginning to think she never would be.  “You be careful.”


“I will.  Bye Daddy. I love you”


“Love you too pumpkin,” he called after her.




“Hey you ready?” Ava asked as Ellie slipped into the car.


“Not really, but I don’t think I ever will be so lets just go and get it over with.  Hey there big boy!”  Ellie said noticing Seth in the back.


“I brought him with.  I just didn’t want to ask Aunt Mag to watch him after she has had him all week”


“It’s cool.  The more I’m with him the better.  Gives me some practice.  And the fact he is just too cute doesn’t hurt.”



The two girls talked about different small things until they had been on the road for about 45 minutes, then Ava said.  “El, tell me about Sean.”


“What do you want to know?”


“What does he look like, how did you meet?”


Ellie went on to describe Sean and tell Ava about their meeting in detention.


Ava laughed.  “That will be a wonderful story to tell your little one.  I met your father in detention.”


“Oh yeah, that will be great,”  Ellie agreed rolling her eyes.


“Okay you know about Sean now at the risk of sounding totally like Paige SPILL.”


“Spill what?”


“Ava, don’t even try it.  You said you would tell me about your, I believe the term was old beau, when I told you about mine.  You know the whole Sean story so now I want to hear the whole, insert name here, story.”


“Aright I said I would tell so here is the whole Tucker story.”


“Tucker?”  Ellie said smiling


“Yes his name is Tucker.  Griffin Tucker Samuels the third to be exact.”


“Griffin, as in Griffin Seth.”


“Yeah I don’t know why I did that.  I guess I just thought he should have something from his Dad you know?’


“I can understand that,” Ellie said.


“When I named him Griffin I was going to call him that but then I just couldn’t.  It’s weird it’s not like Tucker went by that name.  I don’t know it just reminds of him too much.


“What does he think about Seth?  Has he ever seen him?”  Ellie asked.


“Let me just start at the beginning.  It’ll be easier that way.” 


“Cool, I’m listening.” 

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