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Chapter Twenty

“Me and Tucker grew up together.  We went to school and church together as long as I can remember.  He is the same age as my brother, 2 years older than me.”


“I didn’t know you have a brother.”


“Yeah, Cameron.”


“Cameron.  Are you kidding me?”


“No what’s wrong with Cameron?” Ava asked a little testy.


“Nothing, that is just Sean’s last name. Just kinda strange,” Ellie said.


“Well Cam and Tucker played ball together and were best friends so he was always around.  Eventually I grew up and he saw me differently, I of course had been crushin on him forever.  When I was a sophomore he asked me out and after convincing my brother and begging my dad I got to go.  He was really sweet and we had fun.  So we went out a gain.  After 5 dates, very fun but unromantic dates, I started to think he couldn’t see past the little sister thing.  So I accepted a date from a guy in my grade.  We went ice skating of all things but we weren’t there for long…”


Ava and Kevin had just stepped on the ice.  He was trying to hold her hand but she skated away.  He chased after her.  Ava looked back to see how close he was.  He was nowhere near her.  Tucker had him slammed against the glass.  And Cameron was just standing there watching.  Ava raced up to the boys.  She started screaming at Tucker to leave Kevin alone.  Then she yelled at Cameron to help her get Tucker off of Kevin.  The rink manager came over and kicked them all out.


Once outside Kevin turned to Ava and said “Why didn’t you tell me you had a boyfriend?  I like you Ava but not enough to fight two seniors over you.”  Then he walked to his car leaving Ava with the two people she wanted to kill. 


“What the fuck are you two doing?  Cameron I told you I was going out with Kevin I know this may surprise you but I don’t have to get your blessing about every guy I date.  And you, “she said turning her glare to Tucker, “who the hell do you think you are?  You’re not my brother and you’re sure as hell not my father what gives you the right to come in here like that and try to beat my date?”


“Ava,” Cameron started.


“What?  What flimsy excuse could you have to come here and embarrass me Cameron?”


“Ava,” this time from Tucker.


“What,” she spat at him.


“Don’t blame Cam.  This was all my fault.  Cam told me where you were and I ran out.  He was just following me.”


“Why do you care Tucker?  We went out five whole times and the entire time you acted like I was just your buddy.  You didn’t even try to hold my hand much less kiss me.  It’s not that your jealous so what is it?”  She was screaming at him.


“Yes damn it,” he screamed back, “I was jealous okay!”


“Tucker you never acted like you really liked me that way.  I didn’t know,” she said confused.


He didn’t say anything he just leaned down and softly pressed his lips to hers.


“Okay I’m outta here.  I can’t watch this or me and Tucker will be fighting next,” Cam said as he walked away shaking his head.


Ava and Tucker broke apart and laughed as they watched Cameron’s retreat.


“God Ava when I went to your house and Cam told me you were out with some kid I just went off.  I couldn’t stand to think of you with someone else.”


“Tucker, why didn’t you say something?  If I had known you felt this way I would have never said yes to Kevin.”


“I know I was stupid.  Can you forgive me for being such an ass?”  He asked giving her puppy eyes.


“That depends,” Ava said thoughtfully.


“On what?” he asked.


“It depends on if you’re going to kiss me again.”


“I don’t think I could not kiss you again.”


“Well in that case, forget it.  You’re not forgiven,” she said trying not to giggle.


“You little,” he said trying to grab her.


“Little what?”  She laughed trying to keep out of his reach.


“Little brat,” he said as he finally got a grip on her arm and pulled her close.


“Brat?’ Ava said with an evil eye.


“Yes you’re a sweet, funny, amazing, beautiful little brat,” Tucker said and then gave her a kiss she would always remember.




“Well it started out good.  What happeedn?  But first what does he look like?”  Ellie said.


“Well he’s tall.  Really tall 6’5”


“Damn and what are you 4’?”  Ellie asked smiling


“Ha ha you’re so funny.  I’m 5’2” thank you very much and what are you 5’3”?”


“And a half and don’t you forget it.”


“He had a beautiful body.  He is a football guy so he’s in great shape.  Dark hair a little shaggy or at least it was the last time I saw him.  Green eyes and a scar right above his left eye.  He is amazing.”


“Are you still in love with him?”  Ellie asked.


“Ellie I honestly don’t know.  I know I shouldn’t love him but there is just something about him.  I just can’t hate him.  He hurt me so bad but I just can’t hate him.”


“Well how did he react to ‘the news’?”


“Ellie you may not want to hear this right now.”


“That bad huh?”


“It was really bad,” Ava answered softly.


“No come on I want to hear it.” 


“Okay if you’re sure.”

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