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Chapter Twenty-Three

The door opened and Ellie looked into the face of a man that was no doubt Sean’s father. He had the same eyes and eye brows. The mouth was also the same.


“Is Sean home?”  She finally worked up the nerve to say after they had just stared at each other for a minute or so.


“No,” the man snapped.


Ellie was beginning to get very nervous.  She really just wanted to run away.  Then she remembered who this man standing in front of her was.  This was the piece of shit that, with the help of his wife, screwed up the only person who had ever really loved her.  All of her.


“When will he be back?”  She asked with a much colder tone of voice.


“Girl I don’t know who the hell you are but you must not know Sean very well.  He aint been here in 5 or 6 months.”


“What?  I was here the day he decided to stay with you.”  Ellie argued.


“Well he didn’t stay.  He left here about 2 weeks after he came back.  He was too good for me and his mother anymore.  So he took off.”


“Where did he go?”  Ellie asked calmly while her heart was screaming why didn’t he come back to me!!


“Crawled back to his brother,” he answered.


“In Alberta?”


“Last I heard that’s where they were but I don’t really know for sure.”


“Thank you,” she said and began to back down the steps.  When she reached the ground she ran back to Ava’s waiting car.


“Well what happened?” 


“He’s gone.”


“Gone where?”  Ava asked confused.


“I don’t know.  He left here and went to his brother.  Why Tracker?  Why didn’t he come to me if this place was so bad?  Am I really so awful?” Ellie said as a single tear ran down her cheek.


“El you don’t know what happened.  You don’t know why he left.”


“Ava I don’t particularly give a fuck why he left, it’s where he went that I care about.  You know what forget it.  I tried now let’s go home.”  She answered viciously wiping the tear away.


“El don’t you want to at least try and find him?”


“He doesn’t need me anymore and he doesn’t need my baby.  He has a new life and we just aren’t part of it.  And that’s okay I’m just not going to waste anymore time on him.”


“El he still has a right to know,” Ava said trying to reason with her friend.


“Oh really. Like Tucker has the right to know about his son?”


“Ellie that’s not fair.  I gave him a chance to know Seth but he didn’t want him.  Sean has never had that chance.  Don’t even try to compare us Ellie you know it’s not the same.”


“Ava I’m not going to talk about Sean anymore.  He is dead to me.  I don’t ever want to talk about him again.”


“What are you going to tell everyone?  You were going to tell them the truth what now?”


“I’m not going to tell them anything.  It’s really none of their business so I’m going to keep it that way.  No one ever has to know.  I don’t care if they think its Mr. Simpson’s baby.  I just don’t care.”


“Ellie that’s gross.  Come on I’m sure it will all…”


“No Ava.  You have been a good friend to me but friend or not I’m done with this topic.  I’m going to ask you to never let anyone know who it is.  Please.”


“If that’s what you want El I won’t tell.”


“Good lets go home, “ Ellie said with sigh.


The ride home wasn’t silent.  Seth, as though he felt the tension in the car, cried most of the way home.  By the time they got to Degrassi he was hoarse form all the screaming.   They had tried to stop along the way but he wasn’t even happy being held.  Ava just dropped Ellie at home and went home so she could try and settle Seth.

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