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Chapter Twenty-Four

Three hours later a very tired Ava - who was still holding a screaming baby to her chest - let her first tears fall.  Her aunt wasn’t home.  She must have figured Ava, Seth and Ellie would be gone all day instead of a few hours.


Ava didn’t know what to do.  She was afraid something was wrong with her baby.  She didn’t even know how to take his temperature.  Maggie had done it the only other time, putting the thermometer under his arm.  Ava had tried to do it but he just was not going to be held still for that long.  Ava’s nerves were raw.  She laid Seth in his bed and walked into her room and closed the door, trying to close out the cries.  Ava picked up the phone and called Ellie.  She knew Ellie wasn’t feeling great but she didn’t know what else to do.  


Ellie lay in her bed with the covers pulled over her head.  She just ignored her ringing cell phone.  She didn’t want to talk to anyone right now. Finally the ringing stopped.  But then the house phone rang.  Ellie just rolled over and buried her face farther into the blankets.                    


The ringing stopped then Ellie heard her father calling her from down stairs.  When she didn’t answer he went up.


“Ellie, baby your friend Ava is on the phone and she is really upset.”


“What do you mean upset?”  Ellie asked from under the cover.


“Well she is crying.  I could hardly understand her.”


“What?”  Ellie said sitting up and letting the blankets fall.


“Here,” he said handing her the phone.


“Ava what is it?”


“Ellie I’m about to go crazy.  Seth is still crying and I don’t know what to do,” she sobbed into the phone.


“Ava its okay I’ll be right over,” Ellie said jumping up and looking for her boots.


“What is it Ellie?”  Her father asked from the door.


Ellie didn’t even know he was still there.  She was busy thinking that she knew less about babies than Ava did so she didn’t know how she could help.  But she had to try.


“It’s Seth something is wrong.  He has been crying nonstop since about 1:00 this afternoon.”


“Who is Seth?”  He asked confused.


“Seth is,” Ellie paused but didn’t see a way around the truth, “Seth is Ava’s son,”  she said stopping to look at her father.


“Oh,” was his response.


Ellie found her shoes and ran down stairs looking for her bag and jacket.


“What’s going on?”  Her mother asked from the kitchen door.


“Ava’s upset because something’s wrong with her baby.”


“She has a baby?  I had no idea.”


“That was the point mother.  She didn’t want anyone to know.”


“But what about her parents.”


“Hun, I don’t think Ellie has time to talk about it now,”  Mr. Nash said trying to help Ellie out.


“Ellie I’ll drive you,” her mother said, “Maybe I can help.”


“Whatever,”  Ellie yelled wanting to get to Ava and Seth.




Ava opened the door and was surprised to see not only Ellie but her mother as well.


“Hey. Has he stopped crying?”  Ellie asked.


“No I had to lay him down for awhile.  I just couldn’t take it anymore.”


“Have you checked his temperature?”  Mrs. Nash asked following Ava and Ellie up the stairs.


“I tried but he was just too squirmy and I didn’t want to hurt him.  He has only been sick once before and then my Aunt took his temperature for me.  I’ve never had to do it myself,”  Ava explained.


The three women had reached the top of the stairs and could already hear Seth’s wails.   Once in the room Mrs. Nash picked Seth up and put is head to her cheek.


“He is very hot Ava.  Get the thermometer and I’ll help you check him.”


“Yes Ma’am,” Ava said and went to get it.


Mrs. Nash undressed Seth and left him lying on the changing table.


“Here it is,” Ava said handing the thermometer to Mrs. Nash.


“No you need to know ho to do this yourself.”


Mrs. Nash guided Ava to put the thermometer under Seth’s arm.


“You see you don’t need to hold him down totally.  Just keep that one arm tight against his side but you will need to keep him form rolling over.”


The timer sounded and Ava removed the instrument.


“101.3,” she said after looking at it.


“Isn’t that high?”  Ellie asked


“It’s high but not too bad.”  Her mother answered. “But he is so upset I think you still should call his doctor Ava, just to let him check him out.”


“Okay let me go find the number,”  Ava said and raced down stairs.  She got the number from the card in the drawer and dialed.




“Mom that was great.  Thanks for helping Ava out.”


Mrs. Nash smiled at her daughter and said, “That’s what I’m here for”




“We’re sorry our office hours are from 8 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday.  Please call back during regular business hours.  If this is an emergency please go to the nearest hospital.”


“FUCK!” Ava yelled slamming the phone down, “It’s Saturday.”


She ran upstairs and told Ellie and Mrs. Nash that she had to take Seth to the hospital.


“We’ll take you,”  Ellie offered.


“You sure you don’t mind?” Ava asked looking and Ellie and Mrs. Nash with pleading eyes as Seth cried and clung to her shirt.


“Of course we will go with you,”  Mrs. Nash said and gave Ava’s arm a squeeze.

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